By Lisa Huddleston




Today is one of those days.

I’m feeling the pain of living in the flesh

and longing for your touch.

“Fear not” just doesn’t cut it right now—

I need some skin.

I need to feel your hand on my cheek

brushing away the tears and

lifting my dripping chin.

To feel the warmth and weight of your arm

around my shoulders

drawing me to your side.

I need to feel what I know—

 that you hear

and are here.


Touch my heart, Lord,

and let me know again.

Even without sensation,

pull me to your chest

and let me feel you close.

So that without feeling,

yet knowing and trusting,

I can come again

to you.


Until the day comes

when I can run in perfect skin

into your perfect arms.


Until then

I’m left with skin cravings

and desire.

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