By Lisa Huddleston

“Go in the strength you have.  Am I not sending you?”  (Judges 6)

It’s been a week of great change.  Summer finally gave way to autumn.  We rescued two dogs–more on that later.  We invited my mother to live with us, and she accepted.  And I attended a writer’s workshop that caused me to change the way I look at things.  All in all, everything around here is a little bit unsettled.  But in very good ways.

I’ve written earlier posts about the changes Chuck and I have made in our activity level.  And this weekend was no exception.  On Sunday afternoon, we decided to ride our bikes to the Kents’ house just to say hi and to get a few more miles under our belt before we join the Ride for Refuge later this month.  On the way there, we were joined by a feisty and fast beagle pup who refused to let us pass her up.  That may not have been a bad deal since we found her where people frequently dump their dogs, we had lost our dear lab, Mary, early in the summer, and I have been feeling the urge to get a new companion.  The problem was that I had just gone to the shelter the day before and picked up our new BFF, Dottie.  What were we going to do with two dogs?

We couldn’t just turn her away.  She had run over six miles to stay with us.  But I knew that Chuck would never agree to keeping two dogs–both young and very rambunctious.  So as we got closer to home, I was secretly fretting as I huffed up the hills.  You could have knocked me over when Chuck said, “I think ‘Beaglejuice’ is John and Sarah’s dog!” 

John and Sarah are engaged, but they won’t be getting married until next June.  Which means–yes, you got it–we now have two puppies vying for our attention until then.  Sarah and John (when he’s here) are trying hard to be good “parents” to Daisy (not ‘Beaglejuice’ to Chuck’s dismay), but life has definitely changed around here.

At least the addition of my mom won’t be such a rowdy change.  I love having her around, and she loves the craziness of our revolving door family.  Like the dogs, she will be a joy–but unlike them, she will also be a great help to me. 

And the final big change has been wrought in me.  While attending 48Days’ “Write to the Bank” workshop, I felt the earth move.  Not an earthquake, but a paradigm shift.  A long anticipated settling in to who God has made me to be and a calm reassurance to, like Gideon, “Go in the strength I have.”  Finally, hopefully, I really believe that God is sending me.

So here I go.  Accepting the good things that come my way along with the risks and challenges they bring.  Oh God, help my unbelief and keep me moving forward in the strength I have!


4 thoughts on “IN THE STRENGTH I HAVE

  1. I felt the same way about WTTB! Dan Miller offers such clarity and a wealth of experience on making writing work into the overall scheme of your business. I’m glad you were able to attend!

  2. janika turk says:

    My name is Ms. Turk and i work with your sister Mrs. Hille. i really enjoyed reading the article today. i have to remind myself everyday of that very samething, In the strength i have. I’m so thankful to know your family. Your mom sends me spiritual books to read and your sister turned me on to your daily writting. I just enjoy you all!!!!!!!!!!!

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