By Lisa Huddleston

“Jesus said to her, ‘Daughter, you took a risk of faith, and now you’re healed and whole.  Live well, live blessed!  Be healed of your plague.’”  (Mark 5:34)


When was the last time you took a risk of faith?  What did it look like?  Was it worth the effort?  I’ll bet if it truly was led by faith, you’d have to say it was. 

But what has happened since?  Did you use your momentum to keep going?  Did you “live well” ever after?  Were you healed of your plague?

Those are some serious questions.  And since I’m right in the middle of one of those risky times, I can’t really answer them all with absolute assurance.  But I’m thankful for the heads up this story has given me, and I have every intention to keep moving forward in the strength I have.  I really do want to “live well, live blessed!”  I really do want to be healed of my plague—or plagues.  (I can be a real mess sometimes.)

I know.  The previous paragraph contains a lot of hedging words in it.  “I can’t really answer with absolute assurance.”  “I have every intention …”  “I really do want …”  Ugh.  Wishy washiness all over the place.  As Jesus so often asked those who came to him, “Do you want to be healed?”

Yes!  I really do, and the woman in this story really did!  She had suffered for twelve years as an “unclean” member of her society.  She had lost all her money paying for treatments that had left her “worse off than before.”  This was her last shot, and she wasn’t going to waste it.  She believed that if she could only “put a finger on his robe” that she could get well.  So she took her chance.  She shoved through the crowd, an untouchable among the clean, and dared to touch the Most Clean, the Most Holy God.  That very moment she knew that she was healed.  “She could feel the change.”

And Jesus felt it, too.  Power had gone out from him to the woman, and he turned to find her in the crowd. 

She hadn’t asked for personal attention.  In fact, she dreaded disclosure.  But he looked for her, and she decided to spill the beans.  In fear and trembling and on bent knee, she told him her story.

And he blessed her for it!  He called her “daughter.”  He applauded her daring faith.  And he left her with a powerful benediction:  “Live well, live blessed!  Be healed of your plague.”

And I can do the same.  I can live well because I, too, am a daughter of the King.  I am already so abundantly and undeservedly blessed that I certainly can start living that way.  And, I, too, am healed of my plague—the sins of omission and commission that kept me feeling unfit for service.  I can feel the change.  I am healed and whole in Christ.

And you can be, too.  Isn’t it worth a risk?

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