By Lisa Huddleston

I should be writing my final paper for my Missions class right now, but I had a thought I wanted to share in more than 140 characters. Tuesday night was the end-of-semester dinner honoring those who will be graduating this month. It was a typical event–lasagna from Demos, “tokens” of UU’s appreciation, and impromptu speeches from professors and students. A group hug experience, literally.

I enjoyed the words that were shared as well as seeing some students who had finished their work one or two classes ago. However, I went home that night feeling a little discouraged. After all, I only have a couple of classes left to complete the program. Why don’t I have a better sense of where my path is headed? Several graduates have found places on church staffs or will use their degrees in current positions of teaching or preaching. I still don’t know for certain why God pushed me to start this journey–and time is running out.

I voiced my concern to one of my professors and this was part of his response. He challenged me to ask, “What activity, job, or ministry will wake me up every day and send me on my way with great passion and purpose?”

Awesome question! I am asking it of myself with expectation of finding an answer, and while I don’t have a revelationĀ I want to share with you right now, I do want to share the question.

What’s your passion? What’s your purpose? What activity, job, or ministry will allow you to serve without compromising God’s design of who you are?

Hope you already know the answer to these questions, but, if you don’t, I challenge you to join me in the search! Passionately and purposefully!


  1. Jennifer says:

    WOW! This sure hits close to home. Each time I think I have found that answer it always seems to resurface. Have I overlooked the right one or is God still leading me to this destination?

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