By Lisa Huddleston

“He changes times and seasons; he removes kings and sets up kings; he gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding” (Daniel 2:21).

Tornadoes, two weddings in one year, and Super Tuesday–what do these three circumstances have in common?  They all are current events in the journal of my life, and they all three represent CHANGE.

I freely acknowledge that change is sometimes very good.  For instance, my husband and I recently redecorated our bedroom which had been unchanged for the last 14 years.  We painted new colors on the walls, bought new furniture, and placed the bed against a different wall of the room.  Both of us feel as though we are sleeping in a brand new house, and although it has been difficult to navigate the unfamiliar landscape in the dark–we love it!  We decided to make this change, we picked the details we wanted to alter, and we chose the timing and the variations.

But not all change is under our control.  Which brings me back to my list:  tornadoes, weddings, and Super Tuesday.  Some change comes whether we seek it or not.  Despite the serious consequences of the other two items, tornadoes top this category for me. I dread this time of year, because I worry about things over which I have no control.  Especially when they can suck my house, new bedroom and all, right off the ground and spit it out in pieces throughout the whole county.   It’s a nerve-racking season.

Just a couple of nights ago, a roaring wind shook us awake at two a.m.  Our house sits in the mouth of a treeless pasture-cove that juts into a very old woods, and when the wind blows, the trees moan and groan a cacophony of sound rubbing branches and trunks together like an old woman wringing her hands (ME!).  The noise is incredible, and it naturally sent my thoughts down a worrying path as I considered the possibilities of another storm.  Happily, Chuck was awake, too, so we chatted away in the dark as the wind howled and finally whispered away in the distraction of our nocturnal conversation.

As I turned onto my side and tried to return to sleep, I pondered how well the wind represented so many of the other changes in my life.  It could cause devastating damage and altered appearances.  It could reshape the landscape in ways that are unfamiliar causing it to take some time to feel at home again.  But I know that time will come, and a new normal will emerge.  Whether that means visiting my children in their own homes, experiencing old relationships in brand new ways, or realizing that some old things need to be gotten rid of for good, change will blow through our lives.  While it may feel at times that the storms will never end, there is dead wood that must fall, and spring cleaning that must be done.

Along with the comfort of my sweet and patient husband, it is good to know that God controls it all: the wind, the seasons, the electing of government officials, and the lives of my children.  And when the wind has passed, He gives me a new and spacious place with room to dance.

2 thoughts on “WINDS OF CHANGE

  1. Pertinent and profound speaking directly to my soul. Ok, enough of that, what color did you paint your room? No, seriously, I love how you inspire me to think in symphonic color. I’m sharing this with my class.

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