Yeah ... this is me. (Next post will be about my obsession with lying.)

Yeah … this is me. (Next post will be about my obsession with lying.)

By Lisa Huddleston

Balance.  Uh huh.  That again.  Okay, even if one does manage to gain some balance in one’s life, why is it so difficult to maintain?  And can we ever take a rest from all the exercise?

It is pretty obvious to compare what I’m talking about (the whole package kind of balance) with the physical work it takes to reach and hold a yoga pose.  And sadly, no, one can never stop exercising if she hopes to maintain balance.  You know what I mean?  I mean, I don’t want to go to the gym or mow the grass or even find a quick and easy menu to prepare for dinner tonight.  I want to lie in the hammock and sleep.  I don’t even want to read–really.  I want to do N O T H I N G.  But nothing will get me nowhere PDQ!

Before my enlightened friends chime in to tell me that doing nothing can be a part of my balancing act.  I know!  But, nothing is all I want to do.  All.  And that just won’t cut it if I want a thin body, a clean house, and a freshly mowed lawn.  Balance requires work or one will quickly find her dainty little butt flat on the ground.

So I will finish mowing the yard that yesterday’s storm prevented (just a bit left).  I will do some kind of physical exercise (may not be at the gym but it will count).  I will take time to relax (this shouldn’t be hard, but it often is).  And I will feed us something edible for dinner (lofty goals here).

Keeping it real.  Keeping it simple.  Namaste.

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