By Lisa Huddleston

Often when I wake up before it’s time to get up I find my brain composing sentences in my head. This happened just the other morning when I awoke with the words “once I belonged to the river” running through my thoughts. I usually try to write them down for later, but this time I let them go thinking they would be gone by morning. However, there they were when I awoke still cycling through. After a little tinkering this is what appeared.

Water cycle.

Water cycle.


Once I belonged to the river
Charging and rushing to the sea
But now I am a puddle
Waiting for rain to fall
Before evaporating into thin air

Are you in a season of evaporation? Whether into the sea or into the air (ashes to ashes or dust to dust … ), it’s something to ponder.

2 thoughts on “RECYCLING

  1. So Lisa, I sense a recurring theme…dealing with aging, thinking about the future…you have the rest of your life, girl…go for it. You’re not old yet. (I think old is always at least 10 years older than I am at the moment. That means John is old. :D)

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