Baaaaaaad idea? Hope not.

Baaaaaaad idea? Hope not.

By Lisa Huddleston

Sometimes weird stuff happens. And sometimes we think these weird things are signs from God. Sometimes they are, and sometimes they aren’t. And sometimes we just aren’t sure.

Last Saturday Chuck and I decided to ride part of the course for the Bike Ride Across Wilson County (BRAWC) which is coming up very soon. It would help us get better prepared and calm our nerves a little. We parked our car at the Mormon-Church-That-Looks-Baptist that is situated right next to the Wilson County Fair Grounds and decided to ride out for 10 miles before turning around.

It was a relatively cool day, and the ride was going really well; but when we reached 10 miles, we found ourselves at an awkward turn-around spot with three barking dogs in the road and a yelling man on the porch. Maneuvering around the hounds, we decided to ride one more mile then stop and split a candy bar and drink some water before heading back passed the dogs who we hoped would be inside when we returned.

It seemed like a good plan so we pedaled on a short bit and stopped at exactly 11 miles. There was a gravel driveway on the right side of the road, and we pulled off there to share our Payday.

(Okay, here is where you need a little background information. Chuck and I have been considering starting a “Backyard Barnyard.” He wants chickens, and I think I want goats. He has fond memories of collecting eggs at his grandmother’s house, and I just have always loved goats. Okay … back to Saturday’s tale.)

As we unpacked our “picnic” we looked into the pasture right in front of us and saw about 100 goats of different varieties. We chuckled about its being a sign, and then we heard a voice beckoning us to come on up the driveway to get a better look. The woman calling us was very friendly and hospitable, and she offered to show us around her little farm. She introduced us to the different breeds she kept and called each animal by name. She showed us her milking stands and a momma with a brand new kid in the shed. So adorable! She also had a big chicken house, pigs, and Great Pyrenees dogs. It was such fun petting the goats and peppering our new friend with questions. We were totally astounded by our good luck!

On the ride home we kept remarking on how unbelievable it was to have landed where we did. And how friendly the farmer was. And how cute the goats were. And it almost seemed like a sign. And on and on.

But does that make it more than a weird coincidence? I don’t know. Probably not … but maybe so? I have to say that I am a little scared about entering into this little venture. I grew up in the burbs. I only saw barnyard animals when we took field trips from school. But if fear rules, then I will miss out on a lot of good stuff. And as I wrote about in my last post, perfectionism is paralyzing. Will we make mistakes? Sure we will. Will things get messy at times? Sure they will. But will we learn a lot–maybe some important things that God wants us to know? I’m pretty sure we will.

Chickens and goats. Who knew? Life’s an interesting trip, and we never know what’s just one more mile down the road. But God does, and He’s already there saying, “Would you like to get a closer look?”

7 thoughts on “STARING AT GOATS

  1. Birth … wether it’s birthing a backyard barnyard, a baby, ourselves, new relationship(s) … always messy! Just a validation/reminder!! 😀 IMO, getting back to the land, closer to our food source, the cycles and rhythms, ALWAYS a good idea … again IMO/experience. Simple? yes. Easy? not! And about those … signs? Coincidences? What does your Heart say?

  2. Oh, Lisa. This will be so much fun to follow! God bless you both! My sister and brother-in-law started a little backyard farm with chickens and goats a few years ago, and they are loving it! I love how God orchestrates the events in our lives and brings things into “play” at just the right moments. Let the music begin . . . 🙂

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