Chuck and me at the start of the BRAWC 2013.

Chuck and me at the start of the BRAWC 2013.

By Lisa Huddleston

I’m two weeks into a time of chaos. I’ve been to Indiana, Kentucky, East Tennessee, and back home to welcome guests from Colorado, New Jersey and East Tennessee. I haven’t exercised–except for bicycling the 30 miles in the Bike Ride Across Wilson County last Saturday. I haven’t done a good job in watching what I eat (Fair food, caramel corn, pralines, homemade ice cream and so on). And I am not feeling A-okay–unless A stands for anxious.

We all know that I know better than this; but, it is just so darn easy to let life get out of control, and so darn hard to get it back to where it needs to be if I am going to be much good to anyone. But that’s what I have to do. This short post is a part of that return to the right direction. I guess we could even call it “repentance.” Yes, I’m turning away from the chaos and returning to the order I need. Just as soon as we get tomorrow’s concrete poured and this weekend’s guests settled and the upstairs bedroom redecorated and some progress made on the chicken coop and … no, really, I promise! Just as soon as I can I’ll be back on the “Long obedience” trail, back to the “Quiet Life.”

But right now, I’m off to meet my sweet daughter for lunch, to buy some more towels for the guest rooms, and back to do some laundry. Shalom?


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