Beautiful day to bike.

Beautiful day to bike.


By Lisa Huddleston

Today has been one of those unexpected but oh-so-welcome gifts of a spring-like day in the fall. Thanks to the government shut down which canceled the conference in Memphis that Chuck was scheduled to attend this week, he was home to enjoy today, and we both had the blessed opportunity to take a wonderful bike ride in the countryside where we live. Beautiful, beautiful day–and I just want to say, “Thanks!”

Cows heading to the creek.

Cows heading to the creek.

Some noteworthy diem blessings I carpe-ed? Dark brown wooly worms crossing the roads. Cows traveling narrow paths down to drink from the creek. Gold and red maples blazing with glory. Warm winds bringing storms for tomorrow but not for today–and blowing in our faces both ways. Making it one more time up the steepest hill on Cedar Grove Road. Stopping in at King’s Store in Possum Town to pick up the Tennessean and look for an article about our youngest son even though we couldn’t find it. Open windows letting in both breezes and lady bugs. Knitting all afternoon and hearing Chuck drive the tractor in and out of the woods digging dirt to line the new railroad ties on the driveway. And expecting our daughter and her dog for dinner later tonight.

Simply blessed. And grateful. Baruch haShem.

3 thoughts on “CARPE-ING THIS DIEM, OH YEAH!

  1. Suzanne says:

    It’s been beautiful up here too! Up north that is, north of Tennessee, where lots of us say Baruch HaShem 🙂 … I feel your excitement and I hear the tractor, though mine might be a golf club hitting a ball in the yard… I get it 🙂
    Oxox enjoy!

    • Lisa Huddleston says:

      Suzanne, thanks for letting me borrow your phrase. “Baruch haShem” is a wonderful reminder of the God who gave us all this beauty!

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