By Lisa Huddleston

It used to be when someone would ask Chuck when he planned to retire it irked me a little, and I would think, “Wow, we’re not that old–not for a very, very long time!” But just recently I have begun to countdown to when that day will finally arrive.

Truth is, I have already retired since my career as a homeschool teacher ended when my last student graduated from high school in 2010. But Chuck is still plugging away having just been recognized for 20 years of service in the VA medical system and looking forward to adding a new role as a faculty member in a brand new Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation residency program.

Thumbs up!

Thumbs up!

Although his career is still expanding, you can’t blame us for looking forward to his spending more time at home–not to sit and sour, but to get moving on some of the new roads we are planning to travel. Roads that lead us into exciting adventures with chickens and goats or sheep or alpacas and studios for spinning wheels and looms and shops for woodworking and … oh yeah, there’s an exciting road just ahead, and we need to be re-tired to get going.

So now I’m not insulted when people ask when we will retire. It is tantalizingly close–almost within reach–and I can’t wait to see where the journey will lead us on those re-tires!

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