By Lisa Huddleston

It’s a blustery fall day, and through my windowpanes I see a steady snowfall of golden leaves. Days like this make me think of Winnie the Pooh and other cozy, childlike pleasures. Even the intermittent sound of the wind chimes seems to remember days gone by and sing a lazy lullaby. Today is a lovely day to rejoice in simple things.

Pulling a dragon's tail from a ball of yarn.

Pulling a dragon’s tail from a ball of yarn.

It is still mid-morning, but I have already been knitting on a new project, my first Hitchhiker scarf (pattern by Martina Behm, It is a delight to watch the beautiful yarn I bought on “I Love Yarn Day” take shape and become a dragon’s tail. Each new color I pull from the middle of the Crazy Zauerball reminds me of the sweet day I spent on an adventure with my friend and causes me to smile. Blessings pulled from a softly woven ball of wool.

I hope you have a simple, blessed day, too. Look for beauty. Listen for music. Touch the soft texture of this gorgeous fall day. And give thanks.


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