By Lisa Huddleston

Brrrrr! It’s a chilly November morning here at Hudfarm. Well, I don’t actually know that yet, because all I’ve done so far is walk to the bathroom and back to my bed where I am now lying under the covers wearing my slippers and robe and typing this post on my raised knees. Lazy, you say? Hey, I did walk all the way to the bathroom … oh, never mind.

Friday morning coffee--mmm mmm.

Friday morning coffee–mmm mmm.

But it’s Friday! That always makes everyone a little more laid back. And I do have some fun, more ambitious plans for this weekend: a concert at Trevecca (where I’ll listen in amazement as my son rocks the house), another yarn adventure with some fiber friends tomorrow, and Sunday’s usual: church and family time. Okay, not the most ambitious plans, but more than what I’m doing right this minute–I really do love weekends!

So c’mon ya’ll. All together now, “Thank Goodness It’s Friday!”

Ok … time to make some coffee and get this show on the road.

I named this piece "Random Roving."

I named this piece “Random Roving.”

P.S. I actually got out of bed and got something accomplished: a handwoven wall hanging using my very first hand spun yarn with navy accents of the roving that came in my “Intro to Spinning” class kit. Hope to hang it in my studio one day. Fabulous Friday fun!

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