What a wonderful feeling!

What a wonderful feeling!

By Lisa Huddleston

I don’t know about you, but it’s very unusual for me to have things this together this early in the day. Okay, it’s not that early for many of you. Ten o’clock may be late in your day, but for me, it’s amazing!

What’s so amazing? I not only know what we are having for dinner tonight, but I have already cooked the chicken and boiled the eggs that will be the primary ingredients in the “Baked Chicken and Dumplins” recipe that my daughter, Sarah, left in my recipe box when she married and moved into her own apartment.

Unheard of! I usually have no idea what I will make for dinner until at least late afternoon–and then only after I scour through the pantry and freezer for items that will come together in a recognizable dinner entrée. Oh yeah, I am way ahead of the game today.

This good feeling I have reminds me of the benefits of being more intentional in other areas of my life. This afternoon, I should write out my menu for Thanksgiving Dinner (only a week away) and make a master list of the presents I have already purchased for Christmas along with a “Gifts Still Needed” list. Oh baby, I’m on a roll now. And not only does intentionality help me, it helps my family and friends who have to live with me. This really is an awesome idea!

Yes, I’m feeling pretty great still sitting at the kitchen table in my nightgown and slippers … oops! Well, I never said I was perfect.

Wonder what other areas of my life would benefit from a little more intentionality? Exercise, yes. Housecleaning, always. Hmmm … Advent begins immediately following Thanksgiving this year.

Intentionality–not just good intentions. What a wonderful feeling!


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