Merry Christmas

By Lisa Huddleston

Whew! Almost all the Christmas decorations have been put back in their basement hideaways and what I could remember of the usual decorations are back in their places. Do you forget what was on the mantle and the coffee table and so on? I do. Oh well. Things are looking more normal, and I am glad.

Some things went great this year. I was glad to simplify our decorations and didn’t miss the Christmas tree at all–even though there were many ugly remarks made at the family party. Too bad. I may do even less for next year. God knows.

Other things were a little more chaotic, but we live and we learn. Next year? Maybe a sister/mother luncheon? A cousins who want to get together party? A little less stress and food and gifts and more time together to visit and really talk to people. Ah … sounds lovely.

Another change? More focus on Jesus, His love, His grace, His mercy. Less judgment, less criticism, less preaching. Ah … that also sounds lovely.

So tonight I will rest well in my newly–if oddly–redecorated house. And in my new plans for comfort and joy. To all a good night.

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