Waiting_for_the_PresidentBy Lisa Huddleston

My mind is a pinball this morning–not just in its puny size but in its bouncy inability to settle in one place. So many thoughts, so many concerns, so many needs. Oh God, I turn to you.

“God, the one and only–I’ll wait as long as he says. Everything I need comes from him, so why not? He’s the solid rock under my feet [under all our feet] and breathing room for my soul” (Psalm 62).

David writes these words when attacks are coming from every side, and I understand how he feels. I’ll wait as long as God says, because I have no choice. I can’t force resolutions–not for the one whose father is dying, not for the one whose job hangs in the balance, not for the one hiding from shame, not for the one waiting to hear about medical concerns. I’ll wait, we’ll all wait, because we have no choice.

But God is good for it. He alone can take us through the waiting times. He alone gives us breathing room for our souls. Deep breathing not short pants.

“Strength comes straight from God.”

I love you, Lord God. You make all things right.

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