Happy Mother’s Day!

8mxzvvnxljtidz0hwxngfre6czr826fjBy Lisa Huddleston

I just read–really glanced at–a blog post by Anne Lamott regarding Mother’s Day and its artificial emphasis forcing children to acknowledge the wonder of their mothers. While I get where she’s coming from, I do kind of want my kids to say something to me on this forced, commercial, artificial day of recognition. And, thankfully, I know that they will.

That being said, I do understand the pressure that these crafted holidays impose on us all. I am simply wrung out. I have had birthday parties, graduation parties, and gatherings of many diverse kinds. I have finished two semester-long classes with final exams and projects. And the thought of planning another meal to celebrate anything just about does me in. So instead of making a meal, I am making reservations! We, Chuck and I, are taking our dear mothers out for dinner tomorrow night to a local restaurant we enjoy, and then my sweet, smart children are taking me out Sunday evening for a meal and a concert by Phin (Nick’s band) at 3rd and Lindsley. Breathe out … yes. It really is ALL GOOD!

I hope you have a breathing out moment of goodness this weekend as we celebrate motherhood from every angle. Blessings my friends!

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