By Lisa Huddleston


I’m sure once you read this post you will think I may be delusional—and it won’t be the first time I’ve been called that in the last couple of weeks—but I am certain that this day or the devil or fate or at least some dark, evil entity who lives in my own mind is conspiring against my determination to break free from this episode of depression.

It is a dark, gray, dreary day with light rain coming and going. I have nothing much on my agenda. I am alone for the whole day. This month’s edition of my favorite magazine is all about dying and death. My doctor has strongly suggested I cut back on caffeine. And I just received a kind word from someone about whom I feel overwhelming guilt for how I utterly failed her when she was in need.

Yes. I guess this is that one-step-back-kind-of-day the doctor was talking about.

So how do I handle it? I sense anxiety in the middle of my chest and kind of hovering with slight nausea over my stomach. It feels a little like hunger pains so I could try eating. However, I know that nothing I can eat or drink will really help it so I haven’t bothered with either (except for my two measly cups of coffee.) No, snacking my way through the day won’t help a bit and will backfire into making me feel even worse.

I could call a friend, text someone, initiate contact, but I don’t feel energetic enough for all that talking. And besides, I know what kinds of things they’ll say. Sweet, encouraging, somewhat frustrated words they have shared many times before. I know I am letting them down by not “cheering up” or by “tearing myself down.” But I am delusional here, remember? What do you expect?

I could and should read the book I must finish before next week’s book club which I am actually hosting and need to figure out a way to get excited over. What refreshments will I serve? What discussion questions can I find or write? I know I loved this book once, but right now I can’t even concentrate on reading it. Oh well—they love me; they’ll understand. (Not a delusion.)

I could try to weave something—I’ve had a vague desire to bring out that strange triangle loom to work on. That may be simplistic and Zen enough for today. It would fill my time and keep my hands busy and even engage my cloudy mind a bit. Good qualities for this one-step-back-kind-of-day.

And, of course, first of all I will write and share my personal intimate thoughts with all of my millions of readers! (Now I am just joking—not that delusional!)

Sounds like a plan, and God knows it would be good to have one today. Idle hands (and minds) really are the devil’s workshop—especially when one is delusional enough to think that all this sharing may be helpful to someone else as much as it is to me.

Got a plan for your one-step-back days? Love to hear your ideas. And remember, the next two steps should be/could be/hopefully will be forward!


7 thoughts on “A ONE-STEP-BACK-KIND-OF-DAY

  1. Susan says:


    I don’t know how to say this except that you have marvelous insight on how I feel and struggle. I struggle with depression and anxiety too and just went back to the dr. Mikes gone a lot and I’ve been reading brother Lawrence’s book over and over just to get thru. I’m trusting and doing one step at a time.

    It was interesting,our in Sunday school class we spoke of fear,anxiety and depression. It was so encouraging to me to know that I’m not alone. To know others are just trying to get through the day and not sure how the next morning will be.

    God bless you my sister…….I know God hears and knows of our struggle.


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  2. Earlier in my life, during some of my darkest days, I went to a Women of Faith conference and heard Patsy Clairmont speak. She talked about being so depressed that she could barely get up and when she inquired of God, one day she heard him say “make the bed”. Her story is absolutely incredible, and this part was especially inspiring to me. I have found over the years in MANY a tough day, I just told myself that. “Allyson, make the bed- both sides.” Somehow just accomplishing something simple helps. Love you and hope your day gets better !

    • Lisa Huddleston says:

      I have heard her story, too, Ally. She is very inspiring and FUNNY! Thanks for your love and good thoughts. 🙂

  3. I’m not depressed but today’s a rough day. After job hunting for almost 10 months with no prospects in sight, coupled with health scares and money worries, I feel like you do. Too tired to even try cheering up. But you’re right, idle hands and minds are the devil’s workshop so although I don’t feel like it and my thumb is still busted, I think I’m going to just spin on my wheel. Just because.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Lisa Huddleston says:

      You are amazing! You get so much accomplished, and I love looking at your pictures. Thank you for the inspiration.

      • No thank you. I know everyone’s issues are relative to their situation but it’s good to be reminded that I’m not being singled out for trouble always. So thank you sister.

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