By Lisa Huddleston

She sits one row ahead of me in the darkened Christmas Eve service
I notice how happily she points out two rows of visiting family when the pastor stops to exchange greetings
He kindly gives the required response, smiles, and moves on to shake another hand
She sits tall in her chair, graying curls cut close to her happy glowing face
Pride fills her eyes and her heart and she can’t seem to stop touching her grown daughters
A hug here, a gentle scratch there
She is so glad to be able to hold her granddaughter for as long as the little girl allows
All too soon the candles are blown out and the sweet gathering comes to an end
It is a holy night and I know this mother one row ahead will treasure it always in her heart


  1. Lisa says:

    Most Sundays you are the woman with gray curls sitting in front of me. Many, many times my heart has been blessed by similiar observations of you with your family. May there be many treasurable moments in the year to come.

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