I'm happy for you, Anne. I really am.

I’m happy for you, Anne. I really am.

By Lisa Huddleston

A few minutes ago I made what just may have been a snarky comment on Twitter. I really hate to sound so bitter, but, man, it’s hard to celebrate with others sometimes. And with whom should I be celebrating right now? Anne Lamott. Yes, THE Anne Lamott. “Why” you ask? Because she has a new book coming out called Stitches.

Now, if you know anything at all about Anne Lamott, you know that she is constantly telling her readers (me) how insecure she is. While I am sure that she is telling us the truth–it takes a lot of moxie to put your heart on paper or screen for the whole world to read and criticize and disagree with–it’s hard to feel very sorry for her delicate feelings over having a new book releasing. C’mon Anne, at least you have written some real books! Forgive me for not feeling so bad for you.

As a Christian, I know that I should celebrate when others accomplish good things. I am really, really trying. Congratulations to you, Anne Lamott! I really am glad you have a new book coming out, because I really like reading your stuff, and I am sure I will buy it. Even if I can’t feel too bad for you for feeling insecure over it. Yeah. Congratulations!