By Lisa Huddleston









Over and under

And pulling it through

Weaving the wool

To make fabric new


Red wool and blue wool

And purple and gray

The over and under

Help me through the day








Like yoga sometimes

It’s more undo than do

So over and under

I’m pulling me through








Teasing out knots that

Ravel my brain

Picking apart to

Lessen the strain


Over and under

And pulling back though

Undoing the old knots

But still making new


The Village Chapel

The Village Chapel

By Lisa Huddleston

A large room with clear windows to see through and the sunlight to pass through where angels can dance through and light in the corners around the ceiling

Real silence giving God space to speak and us quiet in which to listen

Unanswerable questions that cause minds to stretch and crane and seek desperately for truth

Empty minutes and hours to be still and ponder life without any doing in them at all–isness

Breathing room between the tips of angel wings that hover over the mercy seat leaving nothing but

Space for God