By Lisa Huddleston

12540912_10208337832550140_5286633030389461415_nHey peeps. It’s 11:30 p.m., and I’m sitting in front of a blazing fire with my dog, Dottie Pigbody, while watching a 24-hour binge of House. I admit it–I’m not feeling fabulous. The snow is beautiful, but it’s very disruptive. This week I missed a day of volunteering at the Adult Learning Center, an evening gathering of my church home group, an appointment with my counselor, and tomorrow morning I will sorely miss worship at my church.

Frankly I feel myself slipping a little. I know that things will turn around soon–snow doesn’t last long in the south–but it makes me a little scared. Who knows what triggers depressive episodes? Not I.

So let’s just call it “cabin fever” and hang tight. I know things will be better soon, and until then I will strive to do the things I’ve learned. I will exercise. I will create. I will read and write. And as soon as possible, I will spend some time with friends.

And like the snow, this too shall pass.