10150530_10204073712789811_99817716613549576_nNun-songs and carols cling to these corners

Catching my clothes and hair

Making leaving hard

I briskly brusquely brush at cobwebs to break the ties that bind and stick to my fingers

New homes aren’t always better homes

But they are newer

And cleaner

And have fewer ghosts and cobwebs

to catch you as you go


By Lisa Huddleston

The damned nails
Picked out of a basket
On the way into the dimly lit
Sanctuary of Christ
A silent service
But iron nails kept falling
On the hardwood floor
Building my anxiety, my judgment, my frustration
Damned, noisy nails
Damned, noisy people
Seven silent words
Spoken once but tonight
Printed words on a screen
Then pounding
Nails into wood
But first through tender flesh
Not for judgment
But for forgiveness
For my sin, my carelessness, my clumsiness
And the damned nails
Held Him there until
It was finished