By Lisa Huddleston

Where have all the fall flowers gone,

Where are the mounds of oranges and reds,

The musty wet piles that covered our heads,

From which we erupted then remade our beds,

Where are the colors today?


I used to say that fall showed us how beautiful dying could be,

But now I fear I’m wrong.

This year the leaves drop without color,

Ashy gray skirts lie around empty trunks,

No beauty to the dying,

Just ashes to ashes and dust to dust.

Where have all the flowers gone?


Celebrating September!

Celebrating September!

By Lisa Huddleston

It’s September 1st! Can you believe it? I’ve always heard that time flies faster and faster the older you get, and I’m started to get that firsthand. But today I’m really not minding it so much. I am one of those people who always look forward to the season to come, and the season to come just happens to be one of my favorites–fall. The only other season I like as much is whatever one is the next to come. I guess I like the promise that change holds, the opportunity to improve what is, the hope for a better day.

I’ve heard some people bemoaning the loss of summer (although it really doesn’t end until September 21st.) They are already looking at the approaching winter with dread and skipping right over the gorgeous melancholy of autumn with a giant leap. I cannot relate. There are riches to each season. The gaudy glory of spring, the warm glow of summer, the cooling breeze of fall, and the coziness of winter. I love them each in turn.

Interestingly, as I’ve pondered this topic today and naturally applied its metaphorical significance to my life, I happened upon a Facebook post by an older friend celebrating the 21st anniversary of his retirement. He listed an amazingly long litany of fabulous accomplishments since retiring. He has written books, served as interim leader of both companies and churches, traveled to several countries, built a cabin on a hill, and enjoyed his family well. His post reminds me that even in the metaphorical seasons, there is something to be looked forward to in each. I was encouraged by his joy and enthusiasm and glad to see that there is always something better to look forward to.

So today I am celebrating the arrival of September. Welcome old, new friend. I can’t wait to wrap myself in a cozy sweater and see what you have to offer!